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"I was recommended by my friend Sandra to Alliance. I’m so glad she did. These guys are incredible. Eric and his team and very professional. They go above and beyond to provide excellent service and a fair price. Definitely recommend them for future projects. Thank you so much for the amazing service guys!"
Colorful Pris
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"This guys were truly amazing and easy to work with. They did an amazing job and finished it in no time. I would totally recommend these guys. Especially since summer is coming, you would want to have it running and good to go."
Mila Kunis
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"Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning assisted with an A/C issue in an apartment after a leak a few years ago. I had such a positive experience that I held onto their card just in case and I'm so glad I did. My current A/C unit stopped working and I was able to get an appointment just a few days after I called (I'm sure this is the "busy season") and the repair itself took less than an hour. I'm so happy with their service, pricing, and quality. The owner, Mike, also spent time speaking to me about what I could do to maintain my A/C unit and keep it running for several more years. So grateful for a company I can trust!"
Carebot B.
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HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC refers most often to the whole heating and cooling system consisting of the duct work, air filters, humidification controls, and registers.

First of all, batteries in the thermostat.

Then consider that breakers, filters and float switch are the most common fixes before calling a professional.

Was there a recent power outage in the area? 

Today they are expected to last 10-15 years or more if they have been maintained well. If not maintained the life expectancy is much less. 

If you want to save money, Yes.

We highly recommend it, like any mechanical device. Filters should be changed, motors oiled, and electrical system checked.

Well, we only recommend duct cleaning if:

  • You have had any remodeling done lately.
  • You suffer from allergies
  • Or you are concerned that your HVAC system isn’t running as effectively as it once did.